Christopher Sutton: Cold Fire

Christopher Sutton is a Portland, Oregon multi-instrumentalist known for his work as a touring member of the Gossip, The Dirtbombs, Chain & The Gang, and Spider & The Webs, and who is also a prolific creator on his own merit. You Brought Me Back from the Dead (Selected Songs, 1998-2019) is a new anthology from the Selected Songs series by Antiquated Future, centered on the artist's great career with many different acts.

The collection includes tracks from Hornet Leg, C.O.C.O, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Cool Flowers, The Sun Ships, Hooded Hags, Sutton, Triple Daisies, and The Boozles.

The vibrant garage rocker and latest single off the compilation, Cold Fire, was originally released as part of the 2013 album, Wrecking Ball, by rock 'n' roll punks, Hornet Leg, a project initially began as Sutton's solo act.

Antiquated Future

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