Beverly Kills: Amour Fou

Following a series of single and EP releases, Swedish band Beverly Kills will be putting out their debut album in late 2022 through Welfare Sounds & Records, and their new single, Amour Fou, exemplifies the band's inviting sound, which bridges post punk, synthpop, and dreampop in a comfortable manner.

"Amour Fou is a song that has been with us since 2019," the band unveil. "It was written in the spring, between days of sunburns and bathing in the sea, during a period where we were trying to shy away from writing pop songs. Since then it has been there in the periphery, a love story waiting for the right context. As soon as we recorded the first parts of it in the studio, it felt absolutely perfect for the debut album. We were finally ready for it, and we hope the rest of the world is too.

"It's also guaranteed to be the best Sopranos themed indie song you'll find this summer."

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