ashplains: Tofino

ashplains is the experimental project of Adrien Plains, a Portland-based visual and sound artist, born in Paris, France, formerly based in Canada, who has created conceptual works in partnership with Montreal's DIY artists scene.

Tofino is a wonderful, deeply atmospheric and melodious track of minimal instrumentation, part of the forthcoming release, The Colors Of A Memory, which was recorded in Montreal between 2010 and 2012.

In regard to the entire release, the artist writes: "no picture. fixed reflection. defined as an object in time. harshness of the light. first objectified. neutralizing timid definitions of oneself. cast your own. monolitic. crushing projection. growing up, like a survival instinct suddently awakened. craft the abstract. allowed to have a say. make a plea between two subjective projections. like a validation mechanism. 2010. aim for the light. 2011. burried at corner of parc. crushing light. 2012. cold turbulence. no second chance this spring. trembling hands. dusty eyelids. burried reflection. like a validation mechanism. what defines you. no picture."

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