Wild Arrows: Crowded House

Mike Law's Wild Arrows project returns with a vibrant single of eccentric new wave properties. Crowded House will be part of the upcoming album, Loving the Void, out June 17th, 2022.

Mike Law comments on the new single: "This is one of the only songs that I've ever recorded where I kept the first vocal take I did, kind of as I wrote it in the moment. It was a bit like automatic writing actually. I had the chorus in my head for a few years but the track was just a drum beat and a bass line with no verses. It's the only almost pop song on the new album. A couple trusted musician friends and the singer of an iconic 80s and 90s band told me this was a REALLY good one so I'm going to trust them. Sometimes the song sounds dumb to me but what do I know? It's a chaotic track about being a person who lives a lot of their life at night and on tour. I hate going to sleep and I lived much of my life going to bed at 4am so a lot of those distortions are juxtaposed in Crowded House. I even tried to paraphrase a Cure lyric impromptu from Let's Go To Bed while recording that original first vocal take but I gave up mid phrase and left it in the song."

Despite its obvious oddity, Crowded House is undoubtedly one of Mike Law's most accessible tracks to date, however the remainder of the next album is expected to cover a wider spectrum. On the entirety of Loving The Void, the artist says: “There are a few things that happen on this record I've never heard before and moods that blend together in a way that is new to my ears, very much on purpose. There is no filler, it's all in service to the song and album. I wanted to make an album that is a linear document of a human lifespan but only with emotions that you feel at every stage of life, just in different ways at each age. Not long ago I realized that with important feelings there is no present, future, or past tense. With important feelings it's all a prism that reflects differently at different moments. For example you feel anger and love as a child, an adult and as an old person. I wanted to sing in no tense and all these songs do that. They are that prism."

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