Off Contact: Device

When bands change their names between albums, it can be quite perplexing. The Sioux Falls, South Dakota band composed of Brogan Costa (drums), Lindy Wise (vocals), Pat Nelson (bass) and Benjamin Swank (guitar) came up with a very impressive album in 2019 as Lot Lizard. Now as Off Contact the band doesn't seem to be moving away from the psych-bent post punk direction which made that album so fascinating, but a new chapter appears to be commencing for them, and the new single, Device, is a very fitting way for doing so.

The pandemic prompted them to reconsider their priorities, to narrow their social circles and avoid social outings. According to the band, their new  songs nearly wrote themselves during those days, and the group restarted its usual rehearsal routine with all four members.

"The circle I wanted to keep close was the band," Brogan Costa says. 

Device encapsulates the band's more vivid side, with its dark essence and keen lyrics being the most prominent features that make Off Contact's angsty post punk so appealing.

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