MFMB: Sugar

Malmö, Sweden's MFMB have marked their return after a very long while with a solid new album, and a fully realized vision of their darker compositional approach. The six-piece band have released their new full length, Sugar, expressing their existential unease through krautrock, shoegaze and goth-bent ways.

"This one just kind of fell into place, all by itself," the band say about the hard-hitting opening title track. "It was very early in the process of writing the album, and we thought that maybe writing the rest of the album would be just easy. Just let the songs finish themselves, it’s a cakewalk! We were very wrong. Sugar did however set the standard (as well as the title) for the rest of the album.

"What's Sugar about? It's about the weight of existence and the dangerous allure of taking the easy way out."

Once again, MFMB placed their instrumental skillset to fantastic use, especially with their twin drummers dominating the spotlight, next to the vocal poignance and the guitar-driven melancholy which Sugar has to offer.

MFMB perform the track live at Sickan Studios in a tightly gripping delivery.

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