Linnéa Talp: Arch of Motion

Linnéa Talp, a Stockholm-based composer, producer, and musician who has previously released music under the alias DEEREST, will release her instrumental debut album Arch of Motion on April 29th, 2022.

The artist's compositions explore the sensation of breathing, attempting to translate body motion into music. Linnéa Talp's interest in liminal spaces of sound has grown recently, with her consistently seeking for her breath deep inside parts of an arrangement when instruments carefully connect the verse.

The title track of Talp's new album indicates that kind of artful, sonic breathing, and accordingly the artist used words associated with breathing in the titles. From there, the compositions take on their own life based on that foundation.

My sense is that these pieces capture small amounts time, of me being present, sounding,” says Talp. “I wanted to add some color into the material, some additional movement, small changes in timbre and so on. The instructions that I gave the musicians was simply to do some quite free, but minimalistic improvisations. I told them to experiment with the timbre, with the octave, with small dissonances, with more or less air in the tone…things like that.

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