Extravaganza: Barocco

From the beautiful coldness of Lithuania come Extravaganza, a new band with a superbly gloomy sound and an unmistakably forward-thinking approach to extreme/black metal, featuring deft use of post punk, shoegaze, post rock, and other avant-garde elements

Every evidence of the band's artistry thus far demonstrates their aptitude for perplexing and elaborate compositions, as well as their extremely loud impulses, while their lyrics address problems, challenges and individuals who are obsessive in their own behaviors and indulgences.

Extravaganza's explosive new single, Barocco, is a ten-minute epic of darkness and severity with a hardcore edge, a lot of theatricality, and enormous emotion. Controlled chaos, impassioned performances, and plenty of dark energy make up Extravaganza's evident potential, as well as the unconventionality of their special sound which is difficult to compare, and comes certainly fascinating.

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