Astari Nite: Ashtray Ballet

Astari Nite, Miami's greatest goths, deliver another thrilling and emotionally evocative single, the solid dark number Ashtray Ballet, which addresses the tricky balance between mental wellbeing and the curves of the human psyche. 

The new song is described by Astari Nite as “waves of regret, a formal apology, doused with playing on the heartstrings of two people in bloom. Time always finds a way to slip us by as memories tend to fade, so strangely. Much like the winds blow, I am always reminded of the strangest girl that made me frown, upside down.

The encompassing propulsion, together with the haunting synthesizers underscore the song's intense emotional conflict, arriving with a sound similar to classic industrial-bent darkwave and robust gothic rock.

Ashtray Ballet couldn’t have entered my life at a more cynical time,” says Astari Nite vocalist, Mychael. “Last autumn, I was dazzling in my own pity party for what seemed like a lifetime sentence – and to my surprise, on a sappy Tuesday, Danny AE (keyboardist / bassist) presented the next track to the band…After hearing the first verse and a bit of the chorus, I was softly reminded of music that I loved from the 90’s and the first time I read Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite – and of course, the sound one makes when walking in the snow. These are all simple things that I forgot that I have loved so much. I think that balance is important, especially when my thoughts are forever walking a tightrope. I’ve always admired the listener, happiness is an unusual feeling that shouldn’t be taken for granted and I am forever grateful for learning how to smile, again.

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