SOONAGO is a four-piece instrumental heavy post rock and post metal band from Bielefeld, Germany, which was founded in 2014. They published their debut album, NEPHELE, in 2017, and follow it with their sophomore full length, FATHOM, on their new home label Kapitän Platte.

The just released FATHOM is thematically influenced mostly by political events. At the time of the album's recording the band was overwhelmed with political messages and concerns, something that is represented in the breadth and intensity of the album's four lengthy songs.

On the eight plus-minute opener, EVAC, the band tackles the hardness of their sound through rich riffage, a fascinating compositional approach with cinematic characteristics, and an overall impression of edginess and adroit musicality.

SOONAGO are Simon Kohler (bass), Christian Blaue (drums), Lukas Külker (guitar) and Niklas Teich (guitar).

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