Sniffany & The Nits: Piggy Bank

Composed of members of Joanna Gruesome, Ex-Void and The Tubs, new punk band Sniffany & The Nits will be releasing their debut album, The Unscratchable Itch, through PRAH Recordings on July 8th, 2022. 

Piggy Bank is the dynamic first single from the impending album which vocalist and lyricist Sister Sniffany calls "a funny little song about transactional, empty relationships." The artist continues commenting on the song: "Instead of focusing on something real or shameful within myself it's more just influenced by my favourite show Sex and The City. Purposefully singing as a despised, misogynistic caricature concocted from a pick up artist-y, red pilled, incel's perspective.

Piggy Bank brims with derangement and showcases the band's radical sound and attitude, which is mostly highlighted by Sniffany's restless and impassioned performance.

In The Unscratchable Itch Sniffany gives voice to a group of unstable characters which aren't inauthentic concepts, but through their stories the songs become introspective works about deep topics like love addiction, envy, control and self-loathing. She explains: “In Sniffany & The Nits I like to exorcise and exhibit the deeply shameful parts of myself that I see as the toxic aspects of my own femininity.

The band is completed by O Williams (drums), Max 'Wozza' Warren (bass), and Matt Green (guitar), all of whom have long been involved in the UK DIY scene. Notably, Warren also operates the prominent left-field label Gob Nation, which serves as a platform for 'egg punks' from all across the country.

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