Julia Gaeta: Weight of You

The solo music path of emerging artist Julia Gaeta began in 2020, when the California-born musician had just relocated from Berlin to Paris, with the lockdown beginning shortly after. She would spend her days exploring Père Lachaise Cemetery which was her backyard at the time, while at night, she'd return to her apartment to retreat and compose music.

After seven years with different acts like Dreamwheel, Albez Duz, Restless Ghosts, Light of the Morning Star, and the DIY guitar project Madrigal, Julia Gaeta's pulsating debut track, Weight of You, finds the artist employing her background in heavy music and her fondness for pop.

Weight of You also marks another first, as for the first time James Kent of Perturbator fame mixes and masters another artist's music, getting a producer's credit for a release other than his own.

The song is brimming with a gloomy form of vibrancy, strongly rooted in darkwave, and combining elements of dreampop, shoegaze, trip hop, and industrial. It's an atmospheric listen, with a nocturnal character and an encompassing feeling of movement and sensuality.

The new single pairs to a picturesque clip shot and directed by David Fitt (Grave Pleasures, Perturbator, Death Alley) in Paris’s lively Pigalle district.

Julia Gaeta will release her debut EP later in 2022.

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