Cave In: New Reality

Returning with their first studio album in over a decade, the fantastic Cave In will be releasing Heavy Pendulum on May 20th, 2022 on Relapse Records, their debut for the label. The heavy and noisy rock 'n' roll of first single, New Reality, finds the band as abrasive and energetic as ever.

Guitarist and vocalist Stephen Brodsky comments: “Cave In’s been around for over 25 years now, and the time has come for an album that scales all of our creative peaks. Talk about a wild and weird ride! And here we are with Heavy Pendulum - it certainly feels like a remarkable event, given the erratic trajectory of our band. New Reality was always the lead-off track - that was pretty obvious during the writing process. New line-up, new label, new album... a new reality indeed, and it all adds up to a new lease on life for Cave In.

The much anticipated Heavy Pendulum was produced by Kurt Ballou at God City.

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