Besna: Revúca

Besna, a rising Slovak post black metal band, has released the new single and lyric video, Revúca, off their upcoming debut album Zverstvá, which is set to be released on March 11th, 2022. 

"In our legends, humankind rarely witnesses the birth of the world - yet we tend to proudly boast we’ll be here to witness its end…"

Revúca, a powerful post metal song of epic elements, stands out with its well-crafted instrumentals that accentuate and merge seamlessly with the blackened vocals, in an altogether excellently constructed unit.

"Revúca means wailing," the band unveil. "The song speaks about climate issues of our wailing planet and its relation to humankind."

The accompanying clip was created by video producer Dominik Kopec, featuring the art of graphic designer Tomáš Paulen.

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