a-tota-so: When the waves come

a-tota-so from the East Midlands pursue a rather different approach on their new full-length, Lights Out, which follows the band's self-titled instrumental debut from 2018.

For the new album, the group gathered a number of vocalist friends from the UK and Irish music scenes to put a new twist on their work, and create something special. Each of the eight tracks has a different vocalist, from the likes of Damien Sayell (The St Pierre Snake Invasion/Mclusky), Ashley Tubb (Sugar Horse), Jake O'Driscoll (God Alone) and Ellie Godwin (No Violet).

When the Waves Come is a math rocking, post hardcore blast which hits hard for its entire six-minute totality, and it features Sugar Horse's Ashley Tubb.

The band describe: “This song is about the lack of intricacy in the modern world. It seems we are forced to ignore nuance and are pigeon holed into something we don’t entirely believe in.

It comes from the feedback loops of social media. Where anger gets more clicks than understanding or concession. I don’t see the world in the kind of black & white terms these systems tend to enforce and this song is a celebration of the shades of grey we navigate through on a daily basis.” 

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