Victorian Death Photos: The Crown

With a more approachable and melodic overtone to their gloomy sound, evocative of profound psychological and societal topics, the enigmatic duo, Victorian Death Photos, release new single, The Crown.

The duo unfolds: "The Crown is our love letter (hence the choice to release on Valentine's Day) to the marginalized who have taken their power back. Often unsung heroes in society, and at times they even unknowingly inspire others to love themselves for who they are. The message is that we can, as humans, as a collective, create a place where everyone can safely be unapologetically who they are and allow any input to the contrary devolve into meaninglessness symbolized by the way the outro of The Crown also devolves."

"The song lyrics are written from the perspective of an inner strength struggling to convince their person they can be who they are," Victorian Death Photos comment on the new single's lyrical aim. "The angel in the battle for self acceptance. The chorus is where we see that person coming into realization against the negativity, 'you're the one with the problem, not me. Your definition of dignity is bullshit. You take a position of authority but you are small. That crown doesn't fit you and now I'm taking it back'."

The song is accompanied with a video which gives an account of a person transitioning, and the personal and societal obstacles they face on their journey. Ultimately, they end up discovering an inner strength which has been battling for them, as they are affirmed by a friend's compassion.

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