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Lisa Marie Vogel, Katrine Grarup Elbo, and Marie-Claire Schlameus, make up the experimental project toechter which takes a thoroughly forward-thinking approach to a neoclassical basis. With a sophisticated, immersive production style spearheaded by experienced electronic musician Apparat, new single, Charms, offers a one-of-a-kind display of the group's musical profile comprised of viola, violin, and violoncello.

The three of us are daughters after all,” says Marie-Claire Schlameus of toechter which is the German word for ‘daughters’.

Charms is part of the trio's debut album, Zephyr, an engrossing composition made up of layered textures, voice loops, white noise, and crackling noises, all of which play vital parts over the trio's superb and intelligent usage of their string instruments.

The majority of the instrumental parts of Zephyr were recorded at Funkhaus Berlin's Saal 3 control room, while the remainder of the album was completed at Apparat's studio which is also located in Berlin. Toechter also recorded a bulk of percussion parts there, creating a massive drum sample archive that they would use during post-production alongside Apparat band member Philipp Johann Thimm.

Charms pairs with a beautiful video directed by William Markarian-Martin.

Photo by sophie krische fotografie

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