Noir et Blanc: [storm rolls in the distance]

Noir et Blanc is a Brisbane-based experimental act helmed by writer and producer Amber Ramsay. The project debuted last year with the EP [indistinct babble], a first body of work composed of stark minimalist piano works, like the name Noir et Blanc implies (French for 'black and white').

The goal of the project is to combine the connection of music in film with neoclassical arrangements for the modern listener, delivered in a rather simple fashion alongside beautiful aesthetics and images. The first album, Wallflower Pedestrian, has just been released through 4000 Records, and it goes even further into this concept.

During lockdown I spent a lot of time walking and listening to music, or just sitting in parks," says Ramsay. "I aimed to create a body of work that mimicked this meditative state of observation rather than introspection, offering some sense of sonic expansiveness and stillness to contrast our sometimes restricted day to day routines.

Wallflower Pedestrian is an instrumentally guided excursion through broad yet contemplative content. From the album, [storm rolls in the distance] points to the current situation of our ordinary routine, while it also immerses the listener on an artistic envisioning of the contradiction of nature and cityscape.

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