No Swoon: Beside

Los Angeles duo, No Swoon, have announced their upcoming sophomore album, Take Your Time, and introduced it with lead single Beside. The single serves as a proper introduction to the band's glimmering dreampop by way of sharp guitars and reverb-laden synthesizers reminiscent of genre staples like Beach House and Alvvays. The attached video, shot, directed, and edited by the band, in its simplicity captures the song's dreamy mood.

The duo's own Tasha Abbott describes the new single: “I have some really weird dreams. They are often these wide ranging sci-fi stories. This song is part 2 of the same dream that inspired a song on our first record Don’t wake up, wake up. That dream had ended with meandering into a cave that turned out to be the home to a cult where everyone looked the same and seemed very 'happy.' Though, obviously they were not very happy because it was a cult. I eventually got out.

Tasha Abbott and Zack Nestel-Patt recorded the majority of Take Your Time on their own in western Massachusetts, in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic's seclusion. Chris Coady mixed the album (Beach House, Amen Dunes, Hand Habits) which is coming out on April 8th, 2022.

Abbott unfolds in relation to the impending album's themes: “We are so hard on ourselves for decisions we made years ago. I have plenty of regrets, but I also see it as a process, and it's ok that I didn’t realize the hopes and dreams of 20-year old me. What did she know anyways?” 

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