Mouse: Pinned To An Avalanche

Pinned To An Avalanche is the first single from Here Was Then, the debut album by Australian band Mouse, set to be released later in 2022. The new song is strikingly reflective of the band's nineties-style guitar-laden energy, blending edginess and intensity with melody in the tradition of beloved acts such as Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, The Breeders, and more.

Pinned started with the acoustic intro at the start,” says songwriter Caleb Anderson. “I was listening to so much Elliott Smith at the time and was completely obsessed with Needle in the Hay. I just wanted to write my own version of that.” 

True to its title, Pinned To An Avalanche examines the idea of being trapped in life by presenting an image of being physically weighted down by the Earth's atmosphere and dragged along by the crushing power of an avalanche. It's essentially a song about putting behind fear and anxiety in an effort to totally engage oneself in the moment.

During times where I’ve felt like I wasn’t living mindfully, I’ve experienced a feeling that’s like sleep paralysis - your eyes are open but you don’t have any control,” Anderson expands. “As the song progresses, there are more optimistic moments about choosing life, because if you’re living passively, it’s hard to find the point in anything.

Mouse are Caleb Anderson (vocals, guitar), Riley Brown (bass), Kate Mcguire (vocals, guitar) and Nochi Wakeford (drums).

Photo by Harley Jones


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