LAPÊCHE: Bottom Feeder - V1

After the good reception of their second album, Blood in the Water, New York band, LAPÊCHE, have remained busy during the pandemic supporting causes important to each of their members, and developing their next full length alongside the acclaimed producer and engineer Alex Newport (City & Colour, Death Cab For Cutie, At The Drive-In). 

Bottom Feeder - V1 is the group's newest offering about which the band's own David Diem says: ”The single, Bottom Feeder - V1, addresses resentment, addiction, and the figurative sleep of a dysfunctional family. It’s also about the result of not getting out of your own way and the self-destruction that can result from being unable to see outside of yourself.

LAPÊCHE are composed of married couple singer and guitarist Krista Diem and bassist David Diem (12 Hour Turn), together with guitarist Drew DeMaio (Floor, Strikeforce Diablo), and drummer Richard Salino who has recently joined as a full time member of the band. Since their 2016 they have shared stages with Jawbox, J. Robbins Band, Torche, Russian Baths, Do Make Say Think and more.

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