Fall Therapy: Forward

Eymeric Amselem is a musician and multi-instrumentalist based in Grenoble, near the French Alps who produces a wistful kind of electronica under the moniker Fall Therapy. The project's self-titled sophomore album will be out on March 4th, 2022 digitally and on limited edition MiniDisc from n5MD.

The upcoming album is the follow up to Fall Therapy's debut, You Look Different, from 2018, with which the artist realized his vision for emotive electronic landscapes, and put to great use his influences from n5MD alumni and his synth-based instrumental groundwork. The project's new material slants more heavily toward UK Garage, resulting in a sound a touch more upbeat.

Forward is the album's first single, featuring Mélanie Petrarca on vocals; it's a beautiful mix of experimental electronics and something equivalent to somber late-nineties electronica, with very meticulous production and inspirational atmospherics.

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