Deadletter: Hero

New track, Hero, by rising UK post punk band DEADLETTER is the band's most narrative song to date. The song is the B-side to their recent single Pop Culture Connoisseur, and it tells the fictitious story of a man who is needy for recognition and achievement in life. The character decides that the best way to achieve this is to cause a disaster in order to protect his sense of self-worth.

Lead singer Zac Lawrence details: “The fictional story of Hero raises the question of how far a human would go to prove their worth in a world crammed with difficult expectations and ever mounting pressure. It's an extreme example, but we hope there's a level of relatability.

Ben Lewis and Josh Ludlow (Make a Dance) produced and mixed Hero, which comes ahead of DEADLETTER's coming plans for 2022.

Photo courtesy of Nice Swan Records

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