Crush: Bckwards 36

Manchester-based shoegaze quartet, Crush come back with their mesmerizing new single Bckwards 36, which has vocalist Amber Warren's dreamy vocals mingling perfectly with a wealth of distorted guitars, resulting in a mix of a more digestible guitar-laden indie rock and the heavy haze of genre staples like My Bloody Valentine.

Guitarist Arthur Boyd explains: “The song came out of trying to write using a new delay setting during a creative rut while trapped at my parents’ house in April 2020. It’s a reverse delay with only a single short repeat – which is where the title comes from – and it makes the music sound like it’s tripping over its feet. The noise at the start was influenced by a video of Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien talking about manipulating loops as you record them.

Singer and guitarist Amber Warren adds: “The lyrics are about the mundane winter walks throughout the lockdown at the beginning of 2021; the endless days and the demands put upon the recommended daily walk – only to be faced with a cold, wet park and not much else.

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