Brain Cave: Queasy Forever

Cleveland, Ohio-based grunge/noise rockers, Brain Cave, are back with their new single, Queasy Forever, off their impending EP, Drained Wisdom. Still heavy and angsty as before, consistently post hardcore and stoner metal flavored, and as straightforward as ever, the new song finds the band having honed both their sonic identity and their songwriting.

The band's own Michael Bellis comments on the track: “This is the first song of a few new ones. Goal was to write some short but sweet songs, in a condensed version of our style. The lyrics tackle how some things never change, about yourself or with things out of your control. I have had food poisoning many times, and maybe haven’t learned my lesson, so it’s sort of using that as a funny example. War will continue; people will go against their better judgment; free will is complicated, etc. So it goes.

Brain Cave are Michael Bellis (guitar, vocals), Josh Snyder (bass, vocals), and Matthew Ducey (drums).

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