We Are Parasols: 1995

Having implemented different elements from disparate genres in the consistently dark foundation of their act, Portland's We Are Parasols have been a noted force of creativity for the last few years. They have just released the electrifying new track, 1995, a slow-burning blend of synthpop, post punk and synthwave.

"1995 is our version of an electronic-ballad about the dissolution of childhood dreams and the lingering disappointments that remain," We Are Parasols explain.

Recent highlights in the trio's path include their dystopian concept album, Inertia and its follow up No Center Line, as well as the instrumental EP, Orphaned, while their previous single, Feels Like I’ve Had Enough, unveiled a new creative approach far from wide conceptualizations, and based on direct song-crafting about their own lives and concerns. Indie electronica, shoegaze, post rock, post punk, industrial, and more recently pop and R&B have been exercised into the band's daring musical mix which never disappoints.

We Are Parasols are D (vocals, synthesizers), Jeremy Wilkins (guitars, synthesizers) and Alec Yeager (drums, synthesizers).

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