The Mulchmen: Snake Eyes

Dayton, Ohio's instrumental surf rockers, The Mulchmen, had a good run in the late nineties with a couple of strong albums, Louder Than Dirt, Thicker Than Mud! and Greetings from Planet Stupideron, on Big Beef Records, in which they exhibited their solid take on instrumental garage rock, and their influence from the likes of Dick Dale and Link Wray.

The Mulchmen disbanded quite early to reform in 2019, and they're currently composed of Nick Kizirnis (Tobin Sprout, Cage), Jim Macpherson (Breeders, Guided by Voices) and Brian Hogarth (Viceroy Kings). Both the aforementioned albums are now re-released digitally, while the new live release, Live Mulch, recorded at the Dayton Music Fest in 2019, comes to validate the group's live energy and surf rocking expertise.

Off their first album, highlight track, Snake Eyes includes a very brief and rare vocal from Katie Dougherty of the nineties pop punk act, Real Lulu.

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