Smile: Foliage

From Cologne, Germany, post punk band, Smile, emerge with their debut EP, I hate it here, a concise work which lays out the new quintet's notable eccentricity and imaginative fusion of sounds.

The jazz-influenced post punk of Foliage encapsulates the band's dedication to their art as well as their willingness to experiment. The song has a wild, almost frenzied air to it, but owing to a strong rhythm section which generates a lot of electricity, it progresses slowly and interestingly. The song's poetic acumen, given in the style of laid-back, nearly spoken-word poetry, combined with jazzy melodies, creates an urgent and exhilarating perspective.

Smile are Lars, Marius, Max, Rubee, and Sebastian. Foliage comes with a music video shot on super 8 film, and it was featured at the Cologne film festival, Blonde Cobra, in December 2021.

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