Revolution Above Disorder: Scream Quietly

Vancouver-based act, Revolution Above Disorder, the solo project of Dubliner Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte, Magic Shoppe), comes forth in excellent taste with a cover of Scream Quietly, a song by Television Personalities originally on their 1982 album, Mummy Your Not Watching Me (sic). 

With a psychedelic lo-fi predisposition, yet, more polished than the original, the song's new version looks to be totally appreciative of the composition's sophistication, and it comes off as something more eerie and dreamy while being down to earth.

Produced by ACTORS' Jason Corbett, the song also makes the most out of its well-defined instrumentation while also impressing on all practical grounds.

Stephen Nicholas White comments: "The lofi outsider-art indie-pop of Dan Treacy’s Television Personalities occupies a place in my heart all of its own. Stylistically all over the map, Treacy’s four decades (and counting) of off-kilter demonstrations of punk and psychedelia are held together by the emotional depth of the songwriting and the vocal delivery, which sees Treacy careering unconstrained from acerbic, to playfully whimsical, to heartbroken and vulnerable. Beautiful."

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