Neu Noise: QTV

Straight from CDMX, new act, Neu Noise, delivers an enthusiastic and bold take on contemporary punk with traditional inclinations and an obvious, very dark twist. The project of musician Juan Carlos Larios utilizes the artist's experience from the the psychobilly scene and his contribution to bands like The Limit Club and the NY psychobilly greats, The Quakes, and brings forth something both customary and modernized in the vein of Sextile, Wax Chattels and other current acts.

Neu Noise has just delivered QTVPV, a sturdy five-song debut EP, and it's bilingual opener, QTV, outlines the project's dark vibrancy.

The artist comments: "QTV is an anthem for those who are afraid of being themselves due to the judgment of others and the mental programming of our current sociopolitical world. QTV stands for 'Que Te Valga' in Spanish which means, 'may you care less' and drives the point home in both Spanish and in English along to a fierce punky electronic beat that gets stuck in your head and has you wanting to get up, get out and live your life."

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