Laikamorí: Kháos

Peruvian experimental act, Laikamori, follow their recent AMOK / HYPNO with another two-song release, Kháos / Arka which once again continues the duo's pattern of gloom and sonic experimentation.

Under lockdown, the song Kháos was created, and it stands representing the band's musical unconventionality. The piece is divided into three sections: the first is a layer of disorderly synthesizers with spoken word in the background, the second features a twisted guitar alongside a falsetto vocal, while the is based on an explosive witch house powered tune, together with a high-pitched voice utilized as an instrument, concluding with a powerful synth line. 

Kháos justifies its title thanks to Laikamori's excellent usage of different sounds and components, resulting in something purposely disjointed, yet, highly captivating.

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