Double Helix: Rat Rave

Drawing from both the underground punk and the rave subculture of the nineties, London duo, Double Helix, have been emerging steadily since their formation in 2021, mentioning influence from Prodigy and Leftfield's intoxicating vibrancy, as well as the tougher industrial tones of Nine Inch Nails and Boy Harsher.

Rat Rave is the band's entrancing debut single set over an acerbic nineties electronica backdrop, and it comes with a DIY vision which fully realizes the duo's gritty artistic vision. Notably, Double Helix curate their own photography, art direction, and live visuals, and they film and edit their music videos, bringing their ideas together into a unified body.

Double Helix comment on the new video: “We wanted to create this inverted, surreal world where the juxtaposition of pain and euphoria are represented by shifts in colour. The girl in the video is an artist we know who has a hidden disability and crafts these resin sculptures from packaging of pain medication she takes. She is also a badass party goer despite this, which inspired us to feature her along with the sculptures and create this solitary, stylised day in the life of our friend.

Double Helix are composed of Patrick Smith (synths, programming, vocals), and Kim Engelhardt (bass guitar), rounded out with drummer James Allix (Tigercub) for live shows. Rat Rave is out through Slow Dance Records.

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