D//E Premiere: Abandoncy: Tiny Manticore

Tiny Manticore is the first single from the upcoming album, Pastel//Anguish, by post hardcore/noise rock band, Abandoncy. The band's new full length comes out on February 25th, 2022. 

Abandoncy recorded these seven songs in March 2021 at Farewell Transmission, a local DIY warehouse music venue/woodworking shop, over multiple eight-hour days. In the same manner as the sessions for their previous album, on a daily basis the band carried the whole recording setup (computer, interface, monitors, cables, microphones, stands, etc.) as well as their instruments and amplifiers across town to the venue, set it up, and went on with their recordings, to tear everything down, and take it all home at the end of the day.

Tiny Manticore is a furious piece of familiar, yet unorthodox, and quite heavy noise rock which harkens back to the genre's rawer, earlier days. It's a song of uneasy rhythms, dense and dissonant guitar lines, wild vocals, and a breakdown which drives the composition to a more twisted and fiery route until the song culminates in an ecstatic manner.

Abandoncy are Damian Fisher (guitar, vocals), Lincoln Peterson (bass, vocals) and Morgan Reed Greenwood (drums), self-described as "just three big nerds in search of the big riff yonder."

Album artwork by Caroline Harrison

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