Vile Rites: The Ageless

Coming from the North Bay Area of California, new band, Vile Rites, arrive with a strong sense of classicality  which characterizes their dynamic take on progressive and psychedelic-infused brutal death metal. The Ageless is the band's debut single from the upcoming EP of the same name, expected out  on January 25th, 2022.

Bringing to mind the darkness of early Opeth, the extreme savagery of At the Gates, as well as the technical prowess of Cynic and genre legends like Death, the seven-minute fierceness and grandeur of The Ageless sets Vile Rites on a very impressive start.

Commenting on their debut track, the band write: "The lyrics for this song were inspired by the ancient bristlecone pine named Methuselah, residing in eastern California. Methuselah is the oldest non-clonal (meaning it doesn’t reproduce asexually) organism known to mankind, estimated to be nearly 5000 years old. The song takes the perspective of this ancient being witnessing the evolution of human society and ultimately our own self-destruction and devolution."

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