Plattenbau: Tutankhamun

After a couple of solid singles, Tutankhamun becomes the third offering off Shape / Shifting, the anticipated upcoming album by Berlin's Plattenbau which will be out on February 11th, 2022 through Dedstrange. 

An edgy and agitated post punk number, Tutankhamun is strongly evocative of early The Cure given through a more contemporary lens, with the eccentricity and the erraticism of the band's act in full display.

"Tutankhamun explores ideas of worship and monument building in the era of false idols and broken dreams," the band state, and continue to describe the song as an "anthem for post ideological worship and for forgotten monuments that were never built."

Tutankhamun is accompanied by video of strong DIY visuals which pairs perfectly to Plattenabau's aesthetics.

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