Last Wars: Pale Fire

Evidently, New Jersey/Philly-based act, Last Wars, have a deep understanding of underground punk and its nearby styles, by virtue of the dark nature of their music, the depth of their meticulous lo-fi productions, and the fact that they have recently covered a song by Flipper, while they also cite influence from Wipers' Youth of America for their new offering, Pale Fire.

A burst of synthpunk forcefulness, the track finds Last Wars making pristine use of their digital and analog equipment, translating the heavy synth approach into a piece both intricate and easy on the ear.

In their own words, Last Wars detail: "If Youth of America-era Wipers acquired a few blippy synths. Or, the result of reading too many Wikipedia articles about space disasters."

Pale Fire is part of a two-song release backed with Frail Communion, a more expansive, yet, equally vibrant number.

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