Fleeting Joys: Something In Your Melody

Shoegaze greats, Fleeting Joys, return with All Lost Eyes And Glitter, their follow up to Speeding Away To Someday from 2019, and the band's fourth album in total. The new album was created and recorded in their own studio during isolation, and comes forth thoroughly representative of the band's hazy dreampop, augmenting their pristine production and instrumentation with elements of eighties synths and sixties mellotrons.

The superbly melodious album opener, Something In Your Melody, sees the duo of John and Rorika Loring picking up on the misty, dreamlike qualities of their sound, and crafting something equally melancholic and optimistic. It's the perfect opening number to a pretty content and gripping album, with the expected brilliant guitar work and the soft vocals being once more the Californian band's signatures.

Four albums in, and fifteen years after their groundbreaking debut, Despondent Transponder, Fleeting Joys substantiate that their status as one of the finest in contemporary shoegaze is well deserved and unfaltering.

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