Disassembler: In Devotion

Disassembler is the new collaborative project by This Will Destroy You co-founder Christopher Royal King, and violinist and composer Christopher Tignor. The debut album A Wave From a Shore comes out March 11th, 2022 on Western Vinyl.

Through remote collaboration between New York and Los Angeles, the two artists managed to create something distinct and prominent in only four months of progress, expressing the musical individuality of both its creators. 

Opening number and first single In Devotion sets the record's mood by way of captivating strings, gleaming piano and an overarching creative direction which balances between neoclassical elegance and moving film music.

Tignor describes: “Like the other pieces on Wave, I honed in on melodic and harmonic qualities and then orchestrated it out with a ton of violin tracks and low end string samples. For In Devotion I also recorded these quartal piano arpeggios and transformed them with speed / direction shifts. Like the other cuts I tried to listen for the big form of the tune, to find it’s story, give it shape-- that harmonic arrival that came out of a gesture from Chris [King’s] original improv. When I heard him go to that chord I knew it would be the big moment, so I used it as such.

Western Vinyl

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