Vivienne Cure: Fire Flies

British musician and visual artist, Vivienne Cure, releases new single and video, Fire Flies, a dark, brooding and quite memorable cut off her forthcoming EP, Violet Ashes.

Vivienne Cure has cannily implemented properties from heavy and underground styles like gothic rock and doom metal together with more experimental ways, and her new offering is not an exception to that acute merger, still, the outcome feels positively approachable and coherent.

Thematically, the artist draws influence from the darker aspects of life alongside personal memories, making her works profoundly esoteric endeavors.

Directed by Ben Coiacetto, the video for the new single, Fire Flies, delineates Cure's love for noir horror aesthetics which mingle seamlessly with her musical style. Driven by evocative vocals and plenty of emotionalism, Fire Flies tackles "issues of abandonment trauma and self loathing."

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