Rare Kreature: Deceiver (f/ Victorian Death Photos)

A solo darkwave act based in Phoenix, AZ, Rare Kreature was formed in the summer of 2016. Through an album and a couple of EPs the project has shown a steady proclivity toward the darker aspects of alternative rock, taking inspiration from both the genre's past and its present moment.

Deceiver is the project's newest single, featuring guest female vocals from the singer of the Texas-based group, Victorian Death Photos.

"A song about the inner turmoil that resides within people, places and things that may be hidden by the outer beauty they portray," Rare Kreature comments on the track's intention. 

A dark and eerie balance of post punk, surf pop and goth-inclined new wave, the song impacts owing to its agonizing lyrics and the fine interplay between the two vocalists who make the most out of the coldness of their performance.

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