Picture One: The Wanderer

Thomas Barnwell's Picture One project will be following last year's Across The Depths of Seven Lakes with the new album, Hearts of the Terminus, expected out through Deanwell Global Music on January 7th, 2022.

The upcoming album's introductory single, The Wanderer, is a driving, dark electro goth track which continues in the same path as the artist's previous offerings, merging coldwave and dark electronica with post punk. The new track lies in Picture One's more animated and vigorous side, calling to mind even more approachable sounds like the productions of Giorgio Moroder, without losing its goth character.
The title of Hearts of the Terminus refers to the city of Atlanta, the artist's home, which was established as “Terminus” in 1837. The album promises to be a sort of a personal homage to the place, mulling over the despondence of current days, looking for validity within the darkness.

I wrote a lot of the lyrics for this record while going on long walks around the city during these surreal and isolated times. It’s an album about reconnecting in a new way with the city I love, blemishes and all,” says Thomas Barnwell. 

Photography by Todd Briner

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