Magnus Josefsson: Jimmy's House

Acid Air is the debut album by Magnus Josefsson, out through the artist's new label The Mirror Factory which revolves around a unused mirror factory in his home, Fröseke in Småland, Sweden.

Highlight track Jimmy's House adds a psychedelic hint to the contemplative rural post rock of previous offerings, The Map and December, and exhibits the artist's uptempo impulses.

Magnus Josefsson comments on the entirety of Acid Air: “I always know that I am home when the music gets a shine. That is the goal I think. Although I love the 60's and the music that is largely based on blues, I wanted to get away from all the rock tones. I wanted the music to have more monotonous elements. Acid Air flows in a post-rock river but has small streams that flow into shoegaze and ambient.

The list of guest musicians on the album is long and impressive, and it includes Craig Gannon (The Smiths, Aztec Camera) on mellotron, Magnus Olsson (Melissa Horn) on drums etc., Christoffer Gunrup (The Amazing) on bass and guitar, Sylvester Schlegel (The Ark) on lap steel, synth and drums, Andreas Stellan (Dungen mm) on synth, Heather Phillips (Starry Skies from Glasgow) on choir, and Simon Scott (Slowdive) who did the mastering.

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