Working as an expansion of the exquisite full length, Euphoric Recall which came out earlier in 2021, standalone single, Jaw, presents an even darker and more brooding aspect of MØAA, the creative vehicle of Seattle born, Venice based artist Jancy Rae.

With a more tense post punk direction, the new track bases its concept on the polarity which comes with corruption, and the deeper reasons behind it. It comes with a fantastic, shadowy video directed and edited by Alice Lorenzon.

Jancy Rae comments: "Jaw is about being the black sheep, or the bad seed in a group of friends. Usually those who are living a sketchy life aren’t easily able to escape it and instead suck others into their tornado and corrupt the people around them. From the outside, people wonder why the reckless and troubled behave this way but rarely do they actually want to know where they are coming from or what their story really is."

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