KVLL: The Death of All That Is Crushing

Purveyors of extreme sludge and doom metal gravity, Melbourne, Australia-based trio, KVLL, released their five-song album, Death​/​/​Sacrifice, late 2020, an overwhelming, forcible set of songs which leaves the impression of a band with wide experience and expertise.

From the first moments of opening number, The Death of All That Is Crushing, KVLL show the sharpness of their teeth with something quite raw and immensely heavy, all lethargic, brutal and ultimately ruinous.

Savage, agonizing vocals converge with monolithic riffs and slow rhythms in an all around strong production whose rawness augments the heftiness and the absolute demolition in the band's delivery. Previous single, Slow Death, is the epitome of KVLL's massiveness, and at length, Death​/​/​Sacrifice is a striking listen which profiles a promising new entrant in the world of dark heavy rock.

KVLL are planning on releasing three new singles in 2022, and they are heading into the studio in February. 

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