Geez Louise: Out, Out!

Nashville indie rockers, Geez Louise, release their new single, Out, Out!, an energetic garage rock track which verifies the band's drawing power through its vitality.

The band comment on the new song's aim: "Beneath the angsty tone of the track lies the true romantic admiration for beautiful writers that have influenced literary culture, fetishizing thought provoking characters over dude bros."

Formed by frontwoman Sierra Torres and lead guitarist Nick Jude in 2019, Geez Louise released their first single, Solipsism, earlier in 2021, which was more dreampop-based. The band move on by fleshing out their traditional indie garage rock approach, wielding elements from rock 'n' roll and psychedelia, and making their adaptability clear, as they're still seem to be establishing the determinants of their sound.

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