Deadletter: Pop Culture Connoisseur

Rising Brit post punk band, DEADLETTER, return with their new single, Pop Culture Connoisseur, out through Nice Swan Records, as part of the second volume of the Nice Swan Introduces... series. Once again, the new track was produced by Theo Verney (TRAAMS, Lazarus Kane, FEET).

Pop Culture Connoisseur draws inspiration from the case of PC Read, a police officer fired for stealing doughnuts through a self-service checkout. In a tongue in cheek manner, and lyrically intense, the song works as a commentary on both the cliche image of law enforcement's affinity for doughnuts, and the troubling concept of power abuse.

DEADLETTER's danceable, animated post punk moves forward, making clear that it's fit for covering different aspects of modern life, while bristling with vibrancy.

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