D//E Premiere: NMX x Videl: Discipline (Floorless Remix)

A little after the release of the all around appealing Telepath which was their debut album from May 2021, Miami, Florida-based post industrial/metal duo, Floorless, return with a rework of a track originally by LA Industrial artists NMX and Videl.

In Floorless' hands Discipline maintains the same industrial grit as the original to which it compares very well, while it simultaneously takes a fuller and even heavier doom metal direction, steadily influenced by nineties grunge, and keeping being deeply sunk in darkness and goth atmospherics.

One of the preeminent rising acts in today's industrial and dark underground music, Floorless are scheduled to play their first live show in 2 years, on November 6th, 2021 with White Ring and Phantasman at Gramps in Wynwood, Miami, FL. 

With their old school predisposition of note, the duo is composed of Matt who rose to prominence a while ago playing drums for the Metal Blade Records tech-metal band Into The Moat, and Michael who has been producing and releasing dark and dirty electronic music for more than a decade. Completely experiential with their craft in Floorless, both producers contribute vocals, instrumentals (synthesizers, guitar, and bass), and program drum and other samples.

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