US // THEM: Acid Rain

LA-based politically charged punks, US // THEM, is a collective composed of members from Ancestors, Over, Cetacean, Black Sheep Wall, The Lungs, Aeges and more. The band have recently released their first EP, DEMONSTRATION, through Dune Altar, a collection of their first demos, while they work on their first full length, expected out in 2022.

The sonic assault of highlight track, Acid Rain, bases its energy on the hardcore essence of its twisted instrumental force, and the fierce vocal of Monët Alarie (Over, Trance to the Moon).

The band's statement reads: "ACID RAIN is a raging, lyrical narrative intended to document first-hand experiences of being on the front lines in Portland, OR in 2020. Regardless of the maddening burn and hyper-activation of the capsaicin falling in tandem with the rain on multiple occasions, activists from all walks of life stood together night after night offering blood, sweat, tears, first aid, food, clothes, support, resources, and their solidarity in pursuit of a life beyond suffering at the hands of the state."

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