Taverns: Come, Wolves

Bringers of unparalleled heaviness and intensity, Chattanooga, Tennessee band Taverns turn their extremity into something both edgy and fun through their vibrant new single and video, Come, Wolves.

Stoner/sludge metal, southern rock, hardcore and traces from noise rock combine into a downright punchy and bold amalgam which registers among the heaviest of heavy rock. The standalone track comes one year after the band's EP, Hidden Hand, and carries the same kind of force for which Taverns have stuck out thus far.

"Lyrically rooted in pondering the harsh realities of ones own self worth and the struggles that go along with it, the flow keeps grooving through the fuzz assault it brings with it," the band describe.

Come, Wolves was mastered by Esben Willems of Monolord/Studio Berserk, and the video was directed and edited by Derek Michael Burgess of Cracked Prism Studios.

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