Symbolism: Rile On

Having showcased much of their punch with their first offerings which included a Christian Death cover, deathrock supergroup, Symbolism move ahead, this time with a single wholeheartedly original. Rile On is a sharp cut, strong enough to contribute a whole lot to the genre's imparting to the younger generation, and a faithful re-embodiment of the past.

Symbolism was put together by dark punk legends Rikk Agnew (Christian Death), James McGearty (Christian Death, and London May (Samhain) in April 2018. They were joined a little later by lead vocalist Devix (The Banishment) whose contribution provides the band with amplified animation, and becomes a perfect accompaniment to his bandmates' acumen.

Rile On is firmly ingrained in today's gothic rock underground, and Symbolism is worthy of immense appreciation.


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